Republicanism: Let’s Bring the Real Thing to Eastern Washington

Image result for classical republicanismClassical Republicanism: Not the modern “Fox News” Republican Party


“A theory that the best kind of society is one that promotes the common welfare instead of the interests of only one class of citizens. In a classical republic, citizens are supposed to work cooperatively to achieve the common welfare rather than their own personal or selfish interest.

The Roman Republic was thought to be one of the best examples of this type of society. Americans in the eighteenth century shared the view that citizens should work to promote the common welfare. They also believed that a republican government was the best type to serve the purpose.

They thought that for a republican government to work, a society had to have three main characteristics: civic virtue, moral education, and small uniform communities.” –

None of what follows is the personal property, possession or platform of any political party. Furthermore, none of it is “owned” by any business, any corporation or free-market enterprise that seeks market advantage by attempts to redefine the original intent of the Constitution; or which attempts to have the Constitution altered to reflect a bias or special privilege to its own enterprise.

Ryan R. Smith – libertytree


Powers are shared by the state and national government

In our system the national government has lots of power but states also have a major say in what happens.

Powers for national government are delegated powers

Powers for state government are reserved powers

Powers shared between national and state governments are concurrent powers


Representative government

People vote for people to represent their own views

You can’t have the whole population vote on everything so you vote on people

Your similar beliefs are shared with the representers so you can be heard


Personal liberties and privileges that people are born with and cannot be taken away

The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments, was created to list out all the rights.

… so people are able to recognize when the government is trying to take them away


Each of the three branches of government has a little control, or check, on the other two branches

This balances power between the 3, ensuring that none of the branches get out of control.

Example: Federal Judges are nominated by the President but have to be approved by Congress


A government in which the people rule

Based on the idea of classical liberalism

This means they participate by voting

People can run for office, campaign for individuals who run and/or protest.


Divides the role of government into three branches

Judicial (Supreme Court)

Executive (President)

Legislative (Congress)

Why? So that one person or one group of people don’t control everything and become too powerful


Everybody has to follow the same laws, even the members of government

Example: Any citizen is liable for criminal prosecution regardless of who or what role that citizen fills in the government.

Thank you for the ideas from this source: Seven Principles of the Constitution