The Party Needs Grown Ups to Move the Fraud-Mongers Out of the Driver’s Seat

I’m interested in getting involved in a civic clean-up project. The two-party system at this point looks like a one-party-with-two-colors system in which self-interest trumps (no pun intended) any concern for the highest good of the people.

Ours was originally intended to reflect the classical republicanism described elsewhere on this site, not the Fox News Republicanism and Hands Outstretched Democratic “ism” that money buys.

Perceptions matter. The pursuit of absolute power corrupts absolutely – even if the pursuit ultimately proves successful. Case in point, why is it that the absolute power victorious all over the country are hiding from their own constituents who have questions.

This is how the party is seen right now and the party has only itself to blame.


A so-called “overhaul” to rescue Social Security is a Fox News Republican Fraud-in-progress.

Denial of the need for economic decisions and actions that could slow or reverse global warning and a deteriorating global ecology is another Fox News Republican Fraud-in-progress.

Tax cuts disguised as tax reform is another Republican Fraud-in-progress. Inevitably those in charge have to tamper with more taxes to make up for the loss of income brought on by giving away the farm.

Personal “ownership” of a means by which we can afford health care is another Republican Fraud-in-progress. Watch what is going to happen when the ideological kids in the candy shop with lobby money start fooling with the inventory.

Medicare Reform is a Republican Fraud-in-progress. See above paragraph.

Suppression of wages, unions and employee retirement plans as a means of “growing the economy” is another Republican Fraud-in-progress. Even our most prominent capitalists are aware that loss of income of the majority of consumers means loss of revenue for expansion, growth and unreasonable CEO salaries.

Make no bones about it, corporate capitalism invests its money in both major parties – and receives an enormous return on its investment.

Genuine classical republicanism was never thought of as the enabler of unrestricted corporate capitalism. One of the consequences of that enabling is the investments of huge amounts of money to further shorten the attention span and cognitive contemplation of our voting public. Such investment betrays any notion that unrestricted free-market activity is driven by a natural desire of all participants for the highest good of all concerned.

Corporate capitalism is not the sole venue of one party. Its dark sinfulness of greed and self-interest lie behind election fraud and moves already in progress to redistribute the wealth in this country.

Rescue of Social Security by gutting it and pretending more efficiency by privatizing it …

protecting the environment by deregulation of industry and by such thievery of public lands accomplished simply through the influence of lobby money to inferior politicians … fraud in progress

taxing more of the poor and less of the rich … fraud in progress

putting more and more citizens out of reach of affordable health care while freeing health care providers and insurance companies from any need to see their business as a public benefit … that’s fraud in progress.

Such frauds in progress are in fact high evidence of pursuit of so-called Darwinian economics – the survival of the most aggressive at the expense of the most vulnerable.

Such is what is at stake when we let corporate media tempt us to look the other way while the fox raids the hen house.

If this sounds like liberal or progressive drivel, think again. Across a very broad spectrum, small businesses, farmers, ranchers, the elderly, the poor, what is left of the middle class and finally our military families are all taking it on the chin from both party politicians who seem more focused on defeating and overcoming the opposing party.

Such is what is at stake if we let our apathy dominate our sense of American freedom and the power of democratic process.

All those self-important arrogant talking heads are absolutely not smarter than we are.

But they sure like to pretend that they are.

Are we going to pretend they’re right?