I’m tired of it too …

There is nothing holy about rejecting medical care of people, no matter who they are, on the grounds of what their identity is.

There is nothing holy about turning someone away from a hospital.

There’s nothing holy about rejecting a child from a family.

There’s nothing holy about writing discrimination into the law, and I am tired of communities of faith being weaponized and being mischaracterized, because the only time religious freedom is invoked, it’s in the name of bigotry and discrimination.

I’m tired of it.

… I just have to get that out ahead of time, because it is deeply disturbing, not just what is happening here, but what this administration is advancing is the idea that religion and faith is about exclusion.

It is not up to us. It is not up to us to deny medical care. It is up to us to feed the hungry, to clothe the poor, to protect children, and to love all people as ourselves. – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

An open letter to the Holier-Than-Thou crowd:On Prophesying, Seeing and Revelating

April Conference Priorities: No-Votes and Counterfeit Families

You can stop pretending you speak for Jesus. You have no business insisting that the answer to “What-Would-Jesus Do?”  is the bigoted, judgmental nonsense that passes for so-called public evangelical discourse.There is a large younger evangelical generation coming behind you that has already rejected your hypocrisy and will vote against your self-righteousness in  November when the ultimate pretend Christian Blowhard is un-elected.

The path of Jesus is there in the holiness of scripture:

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me”

I have not been called to join a church or be validated by the formality of an organized sect. The Eternal Parents commune with me. Their spirit lives in me always. They have called me and invigorate me through the Spirit. I and the Parents are one. And so are each of you.

“He hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor.”

Our Parents are the God of Compassion. The poor are numerous and their poverty is not only a want of bread, but a poverty of spirit. Yet theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. The gospel is a living practice of the life of compassion, concern, kindness and advocacy on behalf of the poor. I am not called to get the poor to join churches, but to love the poor as I myself love the Heavenly Father and Mother.

“He hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted.”

Those who mourn will be comforted. The meek will inherit the earth. They have not sent me to say ‘Be of good cheer, say your prayers, and God will bless you.’ They have not sent me to say ‘Take upon yourself my name and declare that I am your redeemer and all will go well with you.’ They have sent me to cheer the brokenhearted with my own strength and spirit, pray for the brokenhearted as I pray for my own brokenheartedness. They  have sent me to bring the brokenhearted into my own circle of prayer and bless them by deed more than word.

“To preach deliverance to the captives.”

Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness will be filled. The merciful will be shown mercy. They have sent me to teach the captives about their freedom and to work with them to attain freedom. They have sent me to place less value on my own riches and comfort and a greater worth on acts of goodness for the sake of goodness. They have not called me to stand in a church, speak from a book, condemn from the pulpit and retire to my mansion.

“And recovering sight to the blind”

They have not called me to say, ‘Lo, come to my chapel and be saved,’ but to send me out of my chapel and into the darkness with a light of compassion and action. Where there is blindness, I come to teach vision, a life led by the Spirit, and knowledge of the Parents of Compassion. I come to urge repentance to wholeness in an absence of blind guilt, sorrow and a sense of condemnation at the hands of those who deem themselves righteous rather than upright.

“To set at liberty them that are bruised.”

The pure in heart will see God. Peacemakers will be called the sons of God. And the persecuted? Theirs is the kingdom of heaven. They have not called me to inflict fear, shame nor guilt, but to bandage wounds, pour on oil and wine and carry to the inn and pay from my own sources for the ministrations of healing.

“To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.”

A time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven. The acceptable year of the Lord is every year, every month, every week, every day as God and Heaven are a living part of every moment.

The Father of the Prodigal Son is a Parent of Compassion.

The Prodigal Son is but one of all the marvelous offspring of the Parents of Compassion. He is frail and flawed, but now wise from his earlier immaturity. Aware of his failings, he knows that he has failed to hit the mark and owns his own mistakes. In not blaming Satan for his actions, he has not only ownership of his failures and successes, but proprietorship of his life. He has come to know what Jesus knew.

The eldest son is the scorekeeper, too willing to condemn when the score does not please him. Yet the Parents of Compassion equally minister to the shortcomings and failures of the elder brother, who comes to understand the value of each child in the eyes of his Father and Mother.

How wonderful to be part of a family where the Gods of Compassion has no favorites, no chosen, and no view that some sons and daughters are more worthy and righteous than others.

The woman caught in adultery was a temptation offered to Jesus by the pride and willful blindness of the judgmental mob. Jesus was not tempted, but stood next to the woman and offered his own life in a wager that goodness was greater than condemnation.

In the Parent’s house are many mansions. Yet those mansions are not arrayed on rising steps of worthiness where the children of Heavenly Parents are separated into castes of disparate worthiness.

Souls do not come to those mansions by virtue of a ledger of good deeds and obedience, but by being good for the sake of goodness.

Goodness is a pearl of much greater value than righteousness.

Heaven is not where we start but where we are. We construct our mansion on earth which will also be our mansion in Heaven. It will be constructed not on the sand of blind conformity or willful condemnation of what we as mortals judge to be evil or laden with sin. Heavenly mansions will be built only on the Street of Compassion.

The Christ Path is a Path of Action and Impact. It is impervious to whether or not we are deemed good or righteous by others. It is the path that does not seek outward recognition, but personal and private satisfaction in the pursuit of goodness.

It is that Spirit of Life that will cause the Gods of Compassion to reward openly.

The oldest Christianity os that which came to flower in the beginning before the confusion of men led to misconceptions about church and belonging; before priests and popes took it upon themselves to tell God what to do and the people how to behave; before preachers built churches after the fashion of courthouses where they could throw the book at the congregation.

There is sadness in the idea that Christian goodness brings to pass the will of God primarily through group action, political advocacy and judgmental separation of one soul from another for perceived circumstances of sin.

An image of a resurrected Jesus as a judgmental God honoring and endorsing the actions of those who condemn and separate is one difficult to reconcile to the life portrayed in scripture of He who preached a Heavenly Parent of Compassion.

Christian goodness brings to pass the will of God when it is individually infectious, passing from one soul to the next spontaneously. An epidemic of this sort will more thoroughly impact our people than all that crusades, revivals and political legislation have accomplished in the two centuries of our nation and two millenniums of regulated orthodox enforcement.

Not this …

Old Wrathful

The world needs not to be saved by the ultimate religion of the greatest truth, but to be enhanced by an exemplar of organized social achievement on the one hand and by personal spiritual invigoration, experience and inspiration on the other.

We need not be imperial with an idea of bringing the world to Christ.

We need to stop pretending that the world is that to which Adam and Eve were banished. Rather, we must recognize that the world we have is that from which in our Parents’  wisdom, Adam and Eve were sent.

Like that marvelous couple, we must realize that we are not only in the world, but of the world. If we do so, we will seek, find and be one with our Father and Mother, the God and Goddess of Compassion; they who were proclaimed by Jesus the Christ.

This …



 And This …

Pure Religion and The Master's Path

There is somthing much better for America than the Christian Right Wing Evangelical

Brought to you by the Inerrant Bible Society, a left behind associate

No aspect of any kind of God-wants-you-to-be-rich prosperity Gospel or America-as-a-divinely-sanctioned-entity-preserved-by-God-for-these-Last-Days gets it right.

The Bible says three things:

My thoughts are higher than your thoughts,

believe in me

and love each other.

The rest is 6000 years of personal opinions.

Private interpretations of the Bible are all we can make of what is written. To construct theological formulas out of a collection of historical narratives relating how earlier human beings perceived and related to God in order to get a reservation to God’s “country club in the sky” is not religion practiced but theorized.

Believe in me and love each other. Everything else will take care of itself.

In that regard, Bishop Spong was right on the money. Christianity must change or die. Online Religion and Spirituality communities illustrate this as clearly as any venue where life, spirituality and human interaction are discussed. There are entire choirs of like-persuasion where preaching to each other, justifying and validating each other in some theological conforming way is all that seems to happen – in every “choir room”.

In those same “choir rooms” you will not find

Peacemaking efforts,
Efforts to bless the poor or poor-in-spirit,
Good Samaritan Activities,
Refraining from judgment,
Real hungering after righteousness through social activism.

John Danforth, in a NY Times Op-Ed 6/17/05 wrote:

“It would be an oversimplification to say that America’s culture wars are now between people of faith and nonbelievers.”

Rather than act like persecuted victims straining to right imagined wrongs and imagined dangers in venues elevated above the highest commandment of loving neighbors, the most influential Christians ought to be involved in Jesus’ most powerful declaration:

“Peace I leave with you. My peace I give unto you.”

and affirmed by Paul:

“For God is not the author of confusion but of peace as in all churches of the saints.”

Christians find themselves in a situation of having to respond to conflicting spiritual views that reflect disagreement as to what their religion stands for, what values are most important and what methods should be used to work for the common good.

If part and parcel of Christian activism today includes an aggressive evangelical effort then I see liberal Christians empowered to counter the evangelizing of questionable theology and priorities of the Christian Right with an evangelical effort that builds rather than destroys,

that seeks peace rather than attempts to justify war,
that, like God, encourages awareness of every sparrow that falls
– leaving no child, no adult, no family, no culture, no nation or race and no society behind
… or left out of God’s “neighbor” venue.

Liberal Christians must, as Danforth wrote, bring their values to bear if they are going to participate in politics and insist that any responsibility to live a Christian life is a private matter between God and man and not something to be “codified by legislators.”(Danforth)

Liberal Christians must publish and proclaim that Christianity does not possess a monopoly on the truth of God:

… That most Americans are not in favor of and are resisting a societal shift into something resembling a Christian Taliban.

… That most Americans are opposed to government interference in personal lives.

… That most Americans and Liberal Christians are not opposed to scientific advances, scientific knowledge and an understanding of the real world, its environment and how things work.

… That scientific advances for human good are not to be limited by blind and willful faith in an inerrant Bible and religious dogma.

… That Liberal Christians are opposed to establishing a constitutional law that denigrates minorities or creates a definition of human relationships that is exclusive in nature; limited to definitions established by a misguided legislative activism in a country dominated by one religious point of view.

America’s so called “core values” are not something recently created or recently modified by the outcome of elections. Those core values, many of which are spiritual in nature, include an understanding the there is always much to be learned and in a free America;

that liberty allows all to learn and the direction of learning is not restricted to a specific religious belief system.

American core values have included a psychology that religion is a private matter between a person and God and that everyone is at liberty to believe and belong to any spiritual system.

American core values do not include the notion that the Christian God is supreme and legitimate while all “other Gods” are false or evil.

American core values emphasize humility and the idea that anyone who gets “to big for their britches” will be put in their deserved place by the wiser majority. The biggest sharks are not at liberty in this country to pick on the tiniest minnows regardless of their wealth or political majority.

American core values emphasize that church is a place for spiritual nourishment and not political manipulation or excommunication for political disagreement.

American core values include patriotism with an understanding that dissent and participation is patriotic. Although it rears its ugly head from time to time, jingoism is not the American way of supporting troops and letting presidents get away with the slaughter of innocents by bringing God into the equation.

Liberal Christians must reach out and extend their hands of fellowship to any and all neighbors. They must proclaim peace, actively work for peace, oppose injustice to any neighbor, and work for relief to all who are oppressed and suffering.

Liberal Christians do not encounter victims on the road from Jerusalem to Jericho and pass by on the other side.

Nor do they stop and point out that a victim was in some way acted upon by God as a punishment.

Nor do they consider any victim as unworthy, undeserving or sinful in not meeting certain standards.

Rather, liberal Christians are ready to not pass by, but to stop and have compassion, bind wounds, pour in oil and wine and carry the victim to shelter and tender care.

Liberal Christians can evangelize the Gospel of Christ to any and all without the objective of conversion or bringing non-Christian souls to Christ. The objective of God is love of one’s neighbor and compassion for all.